Resident surveys

Every few years we survey a sample of residents to get a better picture of life in Haringey.

Every few years we contact a randomly selected representative sample of about 2,000 people as part of our residents survey. If you're chosen to be part of the survey, you'll be asked a number of questions about living in Haringey.

The last survey was in 2021 and the next survey will be in 2024.

Survey results

    The results:

    • give us a detailed understanding of how local neighbourhoods differ
    • help us improve the services we provide
    • help us to tackle inequality
    • provide a resource for our partners across the public, private, and voluntary sectors
    • inform our strategic plans

    The report covers areas including:

    • neighbourhoods
    • family and social life 
    • living conditions
    • life and health
    • education and learning
    • demographics