Polio vaccination (booster)

Part of: Childhood vaccinations

Poliovirus has been found in north and east London sewage, and there are signs polio may be spreading within the community. For more information, read the full announcement by the NHS and UKHSA

We're inviting children in Haringey aged 1 to 9 to receive a booster dose of the polio vaccine.

To get your child vaccinated, you can:

You can find general information on the polio virus and the vaccination on the NHS web page about polio

Why it's important

Polio vaccinations are being rolled out in areas where the poliovirus and vaccination rates are low. This includes Haringey.

Many people infected with polio don't experience any symptoms. This means they might spread the virus without knowing, making it easier to spread from person to person.  

The NHS is contacting parents when it’s their child’s turn for a booster or catch-up dose. Even if your child is up to date with their vaccinations, you are advised to accept this vaccine when offered. This will help strengthen your child’s protection and reduce the risk of the virus spreading to others.