Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

Discretionary Housing Payments provide financial help with rent or housing costs.

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Who can claim

You can only get Discretionary Housing Payment if:

  • you already get Housing Benefit or Universal Credit housing costs, 
  • you are struggling to pay your rent even with the Housing Benefit or Universal Credit
  • we agree that you need more support paying your rent

What you will need

You can upload your proof in your online account.

You will be asked for:

  • your Universal Credit letter
  • proof of rent you owe (including a repayment plan and proof of amount if you have rent arrears)
  • proof you are trying to find cheaper living arrangements (including landlord letters, bids made on Locata, offers made on Home Swap and properties you have viewed)
  • letters from a debt or other agency about your financial circumstances
  • the last 3 months of statements from your bank and/or building society
  • job application and interview letters
  • proof of income for all your non-dependants

We may ask for additional proof including proof of loans, bills, credit cards and medical proof.

How Discretionary Housing Payment is worked out

How much you receive depends on your situation.

Each application is decided on an individual basis so it is important to give as much detail about your financial situation as possible.

How Discretionary Housing Payment is paid

DHPs are usually paid for limited periods. You should always try to:

  • talk to your landlord about reducing your rent
  • seek money advice for existing debts
  • consider moving somewhere with lower rent
  • find employment or increase working hours

Details of the period you will be paid for and how you will be paid will be included in your decision letter.

Disagree with a decision

Requests asking us to reconsider our decision must be made in writing within 1 month of the date on the decision letter.

You can disagree with:

  • our decision not to give payment
  • the amount decided
  • the length of time the payment will be given

There is no right to appeal to an independent tribunal.

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