Parking permits, parking PCNs, controlled parking zones, parking enforcement, where you can park, vehicle removal, parking consultations, parking bay suspensions and dedicated disabled parking bays.

Services list

Parking permits

How to set up a parking account, apply for or renew a permit, change permit details and foreign registered vehicles.

Controlled parking zones (CPZs)

Find a CPZ, parking in a CPZ, bank holiday CPZ parking, all CPZs and operating hours and problems finding a parking space.

Suspensions to parking bays

Reasons for suspending a bay, who can park in a suspended bay and the times of day the suspension applies.

Dedicated disabled parking bay

Who can apply, how to apply, what happens after applying, who can park in a bay, change vehicle details and report unused bays.

Car parks

Using RingGo and pay and display to park in Haringey's car parks and car park terms and conditions.

Removed vehicles

Find your vehicle, why we tow vehicles, who clamps vehicles, get back your towed vehicle and report an abandoned vehicle.

Where you can park in Haringey

Controlled parking zones, car parks, bank holiday parking, RingGo parking (pay by phone), parking signs and parking bays and restrictions on each street.