Noise and other disturbance, pests and animals, trees, pollution, carbon reduction, graffiti and flyposting.

Services list

Rubbish and recycling

Recycling, garden waste, bins and rubbish collections, bulky item, trade and clinical rubbish and how to report dumped rubbish.

Noise complaints

What we can investigate, how to make a noise complaint, noise at night and how to take your own action.

Pests and animals

Pest control, lost and stray dogs, the removal of dead animals and animal health and welfare.


How we are protecting and growing trees, tree preservation orders and report a problem with a tree.

Major emergencies

Flooding, power cuts, hot weather, how to plan for an emergency, what to do in an emergency and how we deal with emergencies.


How Haringey is responding to the climate emergency and how you can get involved.

Smoke disturbance

How to report a smoke disturbance, find out if it's legal to have a bonfire and how not to disturb neighbours with a barbecue.


Air quality, smoke control, reducing carbon emissions, contaminated land, water quality, industrial pollution control and the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ).