Council and elections

Elections and voting, councillors and wards, MPs, committees and meetings, have your say and consultations, management and standards, data and finance, the Mayor, policies and plans.

Services list

Elections and voting

How to vote, upcoming elections, previous results, voter ID and the Electoral Register.

Committees and meetings

Agendas, minutes, reports, how decisions are made and scrutinised, Full Council, the Cabinet, attend or watch a meeting.

Have your say

Consultations, the Haringey Deal, complaints, suggestions, compliments, petitions.

Management and standards

How the council is run, the chief executive, the senior management team, officer and councillor standards.

Data and finance

Freedom of information (FOI), subject access requests, equalities, fraud and corruption, budget, accounts, our workforce, Haringey facts and figures.

The Mayor of Haringey

The role of the Mayor, the current Mayor Councillor Sue Jameson, invite the Mayor to an event, the Deputy Lieutenant.