Part of: Hazardous substances at work

Under the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012, you have a duty to prevent exposure to asbestos fibres if you are: 

  • an employer 
  • self-employed 
  • in control of premises 

Our health and safety team, along with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), is responsible for making sure you provide a safe environment for: 

  • employees 
  • members of the public 
  • contractors 

Managing asbestos in non-domestic premises 

If you own, or are responsible for non-domestic premises, you have a duty to manage asbestos.  

This is about taking practical steps to protect workers and others from exposure to asbestos fibres. It’s not about removing all asbestos.  

Visit the Health and Safety Executive website for information on your duty to manage asbestos.

Licence to work with asbestos 

You, or your contractor, may need an asbestos licence to work with materials that contain asbestos. 

See information on who needs a licence on the Health and Safety Executive website