Statement of licensing policy

What we expect from licensees and our statement of licensing policy.

We believe that licensed premises in Haringey make a positive contribution to the community.  

What we expect from licensees

For this to happen licensees must work with local communities. Venues need to be well managed and safe, and they need to address the 4 licensing objectives: 

  • the prevention of crime and disorder 
  • public safety 
  • the prevention of public nuisance 
  • the protection of children from harm  

Our current statement of licensing policy seeks to provide a balance between:

  • business operators contributing towards a vibrant business and night-time economy 
  • protecting and enhancing the quality of life of those who live and work in the borough 

This is achievable through the licensing system and by all parties working together. 

The policy 

The policy sets out: 

  • what a licensee must do for their application to be considered 
  • how we will enforce license conditions

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