Comment on a gambling licence

Objectives, how to comment on a gambling licence and current licence applications.

3 objectives

The Gambling Act 2005 has 3 objectives:  

  • keeping gambling crime-free 
  • making sure that gambling is fair and open 
  • protecting children and vulnerable adults 

How to comment on a gambling licence

Anyone can have a say about licensing decisions. Your comments can be either positive or negative. Making comments is also known as making representations. 

You can: 

  • comment on a new licence or change of licence application  
  • ask for a review of an existing licence or comment on a licence review 

Submit a comment

You must be an interested party and your comments must be relevant. 

Please send your comments to us via email. You may ask a representative, such as a councillor or chamber of commerce, to write on your behalf. 

Interested parties 

Comments can only be made by interested parties or a responsible authority such as the police. 

An interested party is someone who: 

  • lives sufficiently close to the premises to be affected by the proposed activities 
  • has business interests that might be affected by the proposed activities 
  • represents people in either of the above groups (eg lawyer, accountant, councillor, community association, chamber of commerce etc)  

Relevant comments 

Your comments must be relevant and cannot be about: 

  • gambling generally 
  • planning issues, which should be addressed to our planning team 
  • anti-social behaviour issues, which should be reported to the police

They should relate to one or more of the following: 

Current licence applications

Please see all our current licence applications

Contact the licensing team