Gambling Act occasional use notice

When you need an occasional use notice (OUN), eligibility and how to apply. 

When you need an occasional use notice (OUN)

Betting operators can use an OUN to provide betting facilities at a specific venue. With this notice, a full betting premises licence is not needed. 


The betting facilities must be provided: 

  • at genuine sporting events 
  • at venues such as point-to-point racecourses and golf courses for major competitions 
  • within the boundaries of the identified venue 
  • on a specific date 

The event must be temporary or infrequent.  

Notices may not be used for more than 8 days in a calendar year for a specific venue. 

The person administering the gambling under the notice must have a Gambling Commission operating licence (that is, be a licensed bookmaker). 


If you wish to apply for an OUN, please contact us.

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