Sex establishment licence

Types of sex establishments, our policy and how to apply.

Types of sex establishments

Sex establishments are:  

  • sex shops
  • sexual entertainment venues
  • sex cinemas

None currently exist in Haringey.

Sex establishment policy 

For information on the legislation for this licence, see our sex establishment policy

The policy sets out: 

  • our approach to regulating sex establishments 
  • the procedure for licence applications  

We have determined there are no areas of the borough suited to operate a sex establishment. 

Our role as licensing authority is to operate in accordance with the law, and not in accordance with moral standing.  

We recognise parliament has made it lawful to operate a sex establishment and such businesses are a legitimate part of the retail and leisure industries. 

The policy gives prospective applicants an early sign of whether their application is likely to be granted or not. 

How to apply

Each application will be dealt with on its own merits. 

If you wish to make an application please contact us. 

Contact the licensing team