Consultation on dog control and alcohol PSPOs

Consultation on changes to public spaces protection orders (PSPOs) for dog control and alcohol.

This consultation is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part. 

We consulted on extending and varying our drinking alcohol in public and dog control public space protection orders.

The consultation ran from 16 August until 20 September 2023.

There are currently 12 public spaces protection orders (PSPOs) in Haringey. 

These are:

PSPOs are in force for up to 3 years, after which they can be extended and/or varied.

Engagement and discussion with our communities have shown a real appetite to consider varying and expanding the conditions of the PSPOs to address other behaviours that are having a detrimental impact on the community.

In order for us to understand if you agree with the expansion, we will be running a full co-production and consultation exercise at a later date. 

To ensure that our community does not lose the protection of the existing dog control and drinking alcohol in public PSPOs, we are proposing: 

  • to extend the control of dogs in public PSPO for a period of up to 18 months 
  • to extend the control of drinking alcohol in public PSPOs for a period of up to 18 months and update the names of the PSPOs where the ward boundary has changed.

These varied PSPOs will become area PSPOs rather than ward PSPOs. The restricted areas will remain the same.

We are doing this as we do not want the PSPOs to expire without renewal or replacement – this would potentially cause a rise in anti-social behaviour associated with alcohol and dog control.