Partnership Problem Solving Group

Part of: Our community safety work

The Partnership Problem Solving Group (PPSG) is a multi-agency partnership in Haringey that aims to:

  • reduce antisocial behaviour and crime
  • increase public confidence

We meet monthly and take a co-ordinated approach to tackling antisocial behaviour and crime.

We use data to decide where to focus resources to reduce:

  • violence
  • vulnerability
  • exploitation

Membership of the Haringey PPSG

We co-chair the Haringey PPSG with the police. Membership of the group consists of core members, who attend regularly, and flexible members, who attend when appropriate.

Core membership

  • Metropolitan Police
  • Haringey partnership policing team
  • Safer transport team
  • Haringey community safety
  • Haringey enforcement services
  • Haringey CCTV and parking enforcement
  • Haringey housing improvement team
  • Homes for Haringey/LBH Housing
  • Neighbourhood Watch

Flexible membership 

  • London Fire Service
  • Haringey communications team
  • Haringey direct services (parks/open spaces)
  • Haringey children services/youth offending service
  • Haringey safeguarding adults
  • Haringey victim support service
  • Haringey public health teams
  • Haringey regeneration
  • Registered social landlords and housing providers
  • Haringey Mental Health Trust
  • British Transport Police/Transport for London
  • Bridge Renewal Trust
  • Traders/Retailer forums

Purpose and function

We will:

  • share information to help identify current and emerging problems and priorities
  • use our resources on problem-solving solutions
  • oversee days or weeks of action, including seasonal action, to impact crime in Haringey
  • operate alongside the current Met Police Tactical Tasking and Coordination Group
  • link to other groups, particularly where issues concern victims or those committing crimes