Household support fund

About the Household Support Fund, payments to children getting free school meals, how much payments are, and what to do if you do not get a payment.

The Department for Work and Pensions has given us a further 2.4 million in funding for our Household Support Fund. This means we can extend the Fund up to the end of September 2024.

We’ll share details soon of when payments will be made.

About the Household Support Fund 

The Household Support Fund gives essential aid to residents facing financial hardship. This latest allocation of funds means we can offer further financial support during the ongoing cost of living crisis. 

The funding will be split between: 

  • automatic payments to eligible residents 
  • payments issued by schools to students getting free school meals 
  • Haringey Support Fund

Automatic payments to eligible residents 

Some eligible residents will get an automatic payment (a letter and voucher). We identify the residents who need support through our benefits and support records, including: 

  • Housing Benefit 
  • Council Tax Reduction scheme 
  • other support we provide 

If you get an automatic payment, it does not affect your benefits and you do not have to pay it back. 

You can spend the money on whatever you like, including food, energy or anything else you need support with. You do not need to tell us what you spend the money on. 

Payments to children getting free school meals  

Schools will give payment vouchers to children getting free school meals to provide support during school holidays. 

The parent or carer can then cash the voucher at any UK Post Office. 

How to cash your voucher 

You can cash your voucher (exchange your voucher for cash) at any UK Post Office. When cashing your voucher, you must show 1 of these forms of identification: 

  • a utility bill, like a gas or electricity bill, dated within the last 3 months 
  • a bank statement dated within the last 3 months 
  • your valid passport or driving licence 
  • a debit or credit card in your name 

If you do not have any of these forms of identification, you can sign up for the Post Office’s EasyID

How much you’ll get 

Most vouchers are a one-off payment of £100. Some may get more, depending on their circumstances.  

If you do not get a payment 

We understand we do not know the circumstances of all our residents. If you do not get an automatic payment and need support, you can apply for the Haringey Support Fund