European election results 2019

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European Parliamentary Election 23 May 2019

Download the Statement and Declaration of results for the London Region:

Results for other EU countries can be found on the EU elections website.

How did Haringey vote?

Table: number of votes per party in Haringey:

Name of Party or Independent Number of votes
Animal Welfare Party 648
Change UK – The Independent Group 3,863
Conservative and Unionist Party 2,307
Green Party 13,433
Labour Party 22,158
Liberal Democrats 22,865
The Brexit Party 5,487
UK European Union Party (UKEUP) 414
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 726
Women’s Equality Party 739
Daze Aghaji Independent 44
Roger Hallam Independent 21
Alan Dennis Kirkby Independent 12
Kofi Mawuli Klu Independent 30
Zoe Delemere Lafferty Independent 7
Claudia Mcdowell Independent 24
Andrew Medhurst Independent 6
Henry Muss Independent 10
Mike Shad Independent 37
Ian Sowden Independent 4
Andrea Venzon Independent 17
  • Number of rejected papers: 477
  • Turnout: 46.54%

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