MPs and London Assembly Members

Your members of parliament (MPs) and members of the London Assembly.

Haringey is represented by 2 Members of Parliament and 1 London Assembly Member.

Your Members of Parliament (MPs)

You elect an MP to represent your interests and concerns in the House of Commons. MPs deal with and propose new laws and can raise issues that matter to you.

There are 2 MPs representing the Haringey area:

Your Members of the London Assembly

You are represented on the London Assembly by a combination of London wide members and members from specific London boroughs. There is 1 member representing the Haringey area:

The London Assembly covers:

  • the Mayor's budget
  • culture
  • sport and tourism
  • health
  • planning
  • transport and trunk roads

Local Haringey councillors

There are also 57 local Haringey councillors.