Power cuts

What to do during a power cut and extra support for vulnerable people.

If your power goes off: 

  • see if there's a power cut in your area by entering your postcode on the Power Network live power cuts map 
  • call 105 for free to report a power cut and connect to your local electricity network  

What to do during a power cut 

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Extra support for vulnerable people 

UK Power Networks have a Priority Services Register. It provides extra support if someone in your household: 

  • relies on medical equipment 
  • has refrigerated medicines 
  • has a serious or chronic illness 
  • has a disability 
  • lives with dementia 
  • is of state pension age 
  • has children under 5 living with them 
  • has mental health difficulties 

Find out more and sign up to the priority services register on UKPowerNetworks.co.uk