Lost and stray dogs

Dog tags and microchips, what happens to stray dogs, report a stray dog, report your dog is lost, contact the dog team.

Dog tags and microchips 

As a dog owner you are required by law to have: 

  • your dog microchipped 
  • a tag on your dog’s collar stating your: 
    • name 
    • address 

We do not provide a microchipping service. 

Find out more about tags and microchips from the Dogs Trust.

Stray dogs 

When a lost or stray dog is picked up by the dog warden, all reasonable steps are taken to contact the dog owner.  

If the owner cannot be identified, the dog is kept for 7 days. After 7 days the dog is taken to All Dogs Matter.


Stray dogs are cared for in kennels and there are charges for this. Your dog will not be returned to you until the fees are paid, or arrangements for the payment made. 

Stray dog fees
Service Fee
Initial kennel fee £70
Kennel fee per day £25
Other fees Various
Vet fees Various

Report a stray dog 

To report a stray dog, please contact the dog team. 

The dog warden collects stray dogs. 

If your dog is lost 

If your dog is lost, please contact the dog team. 

A list is kept of all stray and lost dogs picked up or reported.

Contact the dog team
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