Pest control cancellation fees

Part of: Pest control booking and fees

Change your appointment 

If you want to change your appointment, there's no charge provided you give us more than 2 working days' notice. 

Please contact us to arrange this. 

Cancel all visits 

We'll refund the cost of treatment, less a £21 administration fee, if you: 

  • cancel all treatments 
  • do not want to rebook 
  • give more than 2 working days’ notice  


You can ask for a refund (less cancellation charges) if: 

  • the pest control officer arrived at your premises but could not do the treatment, for example there was no one in 
  • you cancelled the appointment without giving at least 2 working days’ notice  

The following cancellation charges apply.

Pest control cancellation fees
Pest Domestic Concession (discounted)
Bed bugs £140 £92.40
Clothes/textile moths £154 £154
Cockroaches £71.50 £42.90
Fleas £77 £46.20
Food pests (weevils, beetles, moths)  £169.40 £169.40
Mice £53 £32.37
Pharaoh ants £64.53 £38.87
Rats £53 £32.37
Squirrels £56.47 £56.47
Wasps nest £89.10 £89.10
Wasps nest additional £48 £48

These cancellation charges are for each missed or cancelled appointment.