Contaminated land

Haringey's contaminated land register, our inspection process and how to make contaminated land enquiries.

Land is legally defined as contaminated where substances cause, or could cause: 

  • significant harm to people, property or protected species 
  • significant pollution to surface waters (for example lakes and rivers) or groundwater 
  • harm to people as a result of radioactivity 

See more information on contaminated land on the GOV.UK website

Haringey contaminated land register 

There is no contaminated land in Haringey. 

Inspection process 


  1. Carry out inspections of land that may be contaminated.
  2. Find out who is responsible for putting right the contamination.
  3. Discuss the problem with the person responsible.
  4. Formally confirm the land as contaminated. 
  5. Keep a public register of contaminated land sites.

See more information on how we deal with contaminated land in our contaminated land strategy

Environmental and contaminated land enquiries 

We can provide environmental information for sites in Haringey. Requests are usually made by solicitors as part of a property search. 

The fee is £110. 

Once we receive payment, we’ll answer your query in writing within 28 working days. 

Please contact us to make the request. 

Contact customer services: pollution control