Smoke control

Smoke control area, wood burning stoves and chimney height approval.

Smoke control area 

Haringey is a smoke control area. This means only very small amounts of smoke can come from your chimney. 

You can only use smokeless fuel, including: 

  • gas, electricity, low volatile steam coals, coke 
  • patent smokeless fuels such as Phurnacite, Coalite, Rexco, Taybrite and Geocite 
  • oil in appliances like paraffin stoves 

See more information on smoke control areas on the Defra website

Wood burning stoves 

Wood burning stoves can be used only if they are approved. See which wood burning stoves are approved on the Defra website

Chimney height approval 

The Clean Air Act 1993 requires the height of certain chimneys to be approved. 

Chimneys in a standard home do not normally need approval. Chimneys that need approval are those serving furnaces and boilers of similar appliances that burn: 

  • pulverized fuel 
  • any other solid matter at a rate of 45.4 kilograms or more per hour
  • any liquid or gaseous matter at a rate equivalent to 366.4 kilowatts or more

Due to the size of these furnaces, chimney height approval is only likely to apply to industrial or commercial premises. 

Chimney height approval is in addition to any other permissions like planning permission you may need. It applies to replacements as well as new installations.  

To apply, download and complete the chimney height approval application form giving all the information, and post or email the form back to us. 

Contact customer services: pollution control