Water quality

Who to speak to about water pollution concerns and swimming pool water quality in Haringey.

Water pollution is when harmful substances get into: 

  • streams 
  • lakes 
  • river 
  • underground water 

Harmful substances could be: 

  • chemical 
  • biological 
  • physical materials 

Mains water supply 

If you have concerns about the quality of your water and it’s supplied by a water company like Thames Water, contact them about your supply. 

The Drinking Water Inspectorate is responsible for looking into the quality of drinking water in England and Wales. They can act if standards are not met. Visit the Drinking Water Inspectorate website to find out what they do.  

Private water supply 

If your water is privately supplied, we are responsible for checking the water quality. We can take samples for testing and may charge for this. 

See information on private water supply on the Drinking Water Inspectorate website

Swimming pools 

We are responsible for checking the quality of all swimming pool water in Haringey. This includes: 

  • leisure centre pools 
  • private health club pools 
  • hotel pools 
  • hospital hydrotherapy pools 
  • jacuzzi 
  • paddling pools 

We check the water quality each month for chemical levels and each year for bacteria. If there is a complaint, or a problem with the chemical tests, we check the quality more often. 

River pollution 

Report any river pollution incidents to the Environment Agency on their website.  

Contact customer services: pollution control