Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference

Help protect high-risk victims and/or survivors of domestic abuse by referring their case for multi-agency risk management.

The Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) is a meeting designed to reduce the risk of serious harm or homicide, faced by high-risk victims/survivors of domestic abuse.

A MARAC takes place every 3 weeks and involves partner agencies sharing information on the highest-risk cases of domestic abuse. An action plan is then created to reduce the risk to the victims and/or survivors and their families.

Partner agencies include: 

  • local police 
  • criminal justice agencies 
  • housing associations  
  • healthcare workers 
  • children's services 
  • faith communities 
  • charities 

The victim does not attend the meeting and the perpetrator of abuse should not be informed of the MARAC referral. 

Who can be referred? 

A victim and/or survivor should be referred to the MARAC if they meet all the following criteria: 

  • aged 16 and over  
  • lives in Haringey 
  • is at high risk of serious harm or homicide due to domestic abuse from a current or ex-partner, co-parent, or family member who is aged 16 or over 

You can use the Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment, and 'Honour' Based Abuse Risk Identification Checklist (DASH RIC) to determine the level of risk. You can also base referrals on professional judgment if you believe a victim and/or survivor to be at high risk of serious harm or homicide.  

Referrals should be made regardless of gender or sexuality. 

How to make a referral 

The Haringey MARAC is coordinated by Standing Together Against Domestic Abuse. Visit the Standing Together Against Domestic  Abuse website to access the MARAC referral form 

See also, resources and toolkits on the Safer Lives website to help agencies on MARAC

MARAC training 

If you or your team would like to better understand the MARAC process, how to assess high-risk cases, and when to make referrals, contact the MARAC Team at Standing Together.