Healthwatch Haringey

About Healthwatch Haringey, how it works, and why it was established.

About Healthwatch Haringey

Healthwatch Haringey is the independent consumer watchdog set up to collect information and represent the views of the public on health and social care in Haringey. It allows patients, service users, and people living and working in Haringey to influence and challenge decision-making about local health and social care services.

How it works

Healthwatch Haringey collects feedback from health and social care service users to inform changes and improvements to those services.

You can also use Healthwatch Haringey to find local health and social care services such as GP surgeries and NHS dentists. And if you're unhappy with the care or treatment you've received, you can use Healthwatch to make a complaint.

Why Healthwatch was established

Healthwatch Haringey was set up in April 2013 as part of the wider changes to health and social care services. It is run and led by Public Voice CIC, a Haringey-based community interest company, and aims to strengthen the collective voice of health and social care service users in Haringey.

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