Healthy Child Programme

How the programme can support you and your child as they grow.


Our Healthy Child Programme is a public health scheme designed to:

  • help parents keep children healthy and safe so they reach their full potential
  • protect children from serious disease, through screening and vaccination
  • reduce childhood obesity by promoting healthy eating and physical activity
  • make sure families, children and young people at risk are supported as early as possible

The programme is split into 2 age groups:

  • Start for Life: for 0 to 5 year olds
  • Healthy Child: for 5 to 19 years olds

Start for Life

Visiting health services lead the programme for newborn to 5-year-old children.

View support for children aged 0 to 5

Healthy Child

School nursing services lead the programme for 5 to 19 year-olds. We work in partnership with Whittington Health NHS Trust to deliver this service.

View support for primary school children    

View support for secondary school children