Healthy Start vitamins

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What are Healthy Start vitamins?

Even with a healthy, balanced diet, you might not always get all the vitamins you need at certain times – such as when you’re pregnant, a new mother or a small child.

During these times, you are encouraged to take vitamin supplements to make sure you and your child get all the nutrients you need. We can help you find places to access these vitamins for free.

Find out more about the vitamins you need during pregnancy.

Find out more about the vitamins your small child needs

Who can get free vitamins

Haringey residents can get free Healthy Start vitamins if any of the following is true:

  • you're pregnant
  • you're breastfeeding
  • you have children under the age of 4

You can still get Healthy Start vitamins even if you are not eligible for the Healthy Start card.

Visit the NHS Healthy Start website to check if you're eligible to get extra money to buy healthy food and milk with the Healthy Start card

Where to get free vitamins

You can complete an application form and pick up your Healthy Start vitamins from any of the children’s centres, health centres, and participating pharmacies listed on this page.


Access free Healthy Start vitamins from Healthy Living Pharmacies across Haringey. 

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Children’s centres

Health centres

Get free vitamins for your children's centre, health centre, or Family Hub

Contact us to order Healthy Start vitamins for early years settings.

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