Move more

Help to stay physically active, walking groups, and cycling in Haringey.

We are committed to improving and expanding opportunities for people to live more physically active lifestyles. Prevention is better than cure, and research shows that physical activity helps:

  • reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke 
  • prevent and manage blood pressure 
  • keep you mobile 
  • reduce stress and anxiety 
  • keep your muscles and bones strong and healthy 
  • improve your energy levels 
  • prevent weight gain and aid with weight loss 
  • prevent and manage high cholesterol 

Learn more about the benefits of exercise on the NHS Live Well website.


Walking is an ideal way to boost your mental wellbeing while staying active.

Get walking in and around Haringey with: 

  • walking groups 
  • scenic route maps 
  • training opportunities to lead walking groups

 Get walking in Haringey 


Burn calories, improve your heart health and explore new neighbourhoods.

Get cycling in and around Haringey with:  

  • bike hire schemes 
  • cycle clubs 
  • cycle lanes and trails 
  • cycle training  

Get cycling in Haringey