NHS Health Checks

Get a free NHS Health Check if you are aged 40 to 74 to help prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease.

Reasons to get a Health Check

An NHS Health Check is a physical check-up at your GP surgery aimed at preventing and identifying early signs of common conditions like:

  • stroke
  • kidney disease
  • heart disease
  • type 2 diabetes
  • dementia

Who the health check is for

This free service is for anyone in the 40 to 74 age group, without pre-existing health conditions such as:

  • chronic kidney disease
  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • high cholesterol
  • stroke

Book your free health check

If you're eligible, you should receive a call or letter from your GP inviting you for a free NHS Health Check every 5 years. You can also ask your GP to book an NHS Health Check for you.

Alternatively, contact One You Haringey to arrange a referral