Financial advice for tenants

Money Matters workshops, financial inclusion.

Help is available to improve your financial situation. The financial inclusion team can provide access to affordable financial advice and digital services, and help you to build skills and confidence.


You can register for Money Matters workshops to learn more about:

  • budgeting, to plan your spending and have more money left at the end of the month 
  • saving and borrowing, to create a saving plan and find the best ways to borrow
  • savvy shopping, to learn when a deal is really a deal and how to snap up real bargains 

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Other help available

The financial inclusion team also provides:

  • partnerships with other organisations to improve your finances and access to services, budgeting, employability, debt advice, charities, food banks and more
  • one-to-one advice, to help you claim benefits and services
  • information on benefit changes, particularly welfare benefits, such as bedroom tax, the benefit cap and Universal Credit
  • support with rent arrears to avoid eviction, by making affordable arrangements and accessing relevant benefits and other assistance
  • support for young people leaving care, and pensioners and disabled residents to claim benefits
  • access to digital champions

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