Council tenants: change of circumstances

Tell us about changes to your household.

You must let us know if your household circumstances or tenancy have changed. Your housing liaison officer will send you the relevant form(s) which you should complete and return together with any supporting evidence or documentation requested.

Please use the following form to tell us about a change in your circumstances affecting your tenancy.

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Changes can include:

  • someone new joining the household  e.g. birth of a child, foster child joins family, a partner, an adult child or a person you’re caring for moves in
  • someone leaving the household – e.g. someone who was living with you has left your household
  • your name has changed – e.g. if you have married, divorced or changed you name in any other way, your tenancy agreement may need to be updated to include your new name
  • the tenancy was in two names (joint) and now needs to be in one name (sole) – e.g. a joint tenant may have moved out or died
  • the tenancy was in one name (sole) and now needs to be in two names (joint) – e.g. you’re married/sharing your household with another person

Changes to benefits

Don't use the form to tell us about changes that may affect your Housing Benefit or Council Tax reduction entitlement. Follow the link below to tell us about benefit changes.

Tell us about a benefit change

Changing sole/joint tenancy

You do not have an automatic right to change your tenancy (i.e. sole/joint).  

If you wish to change your tenancy from a joint tenancy to a sole tenancy, we strongly advise you to seek independent housing advice and check any implications for rent, rent arrears, Housing Benefit and Council Tax, before requesting an application form.

There is no specific provision in law relating to the granting of joint tenancies. To convert a sole tenancy to a joint tenancy, all proposed joint tenants must meet the conditions of eligibility outlined in the application form.