What to do if you suspect you have asbestos in your home.

If you think that you may have asbestos in your home, contact us on 020 8489 5611 for help and advice

We will arrange an appointment for a surveyor to visit you to assess the material and, if necessary, arrange for it to be tested. Our specialist asbestos team keeps a register of all properties known to have asbestos.

Materials containing asbestos are safe as long as they are left undisturbed. Do not carry out do-it-yourself repairs such as sanding or drilling on any materials that you suspect may contain asbestos.

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What we are doing about asbestos in council homes

Haringey Council holds a list of properties where asbestos has been found or is believed to exist. This list is updated as we carry out surveys across the council’s housing stock. Where we think asbestos is present tests are carried out. If the asbestos is in a good condition, it is best practice to leave it in place. However, if the asbestos is in a bad condition, it will be removed or made safe.

Where major projects are being undertaken, tenants and leaseholders are formally consulted as a group and advised on the full process such as how the asbestos will be removed and, if necessary, what precautions are needed and for how long.

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