Home safety for council tenants

Checklist for preventing accidents in your home.

Help prevent accidents in the home by using the following checklist for each area of the house:

Living room

Always keep open fires, electric and gas fires and portable heaters guarded.

Always keep windows locked or guarded.

Do not remove window restrictors unless the window is being cleaned. Once cleaning has been carried out re-engaged it immediately.

While a window restrictor is removed, the window must not be left unattended.

Protect electrical sockets by fitting child proof covers.

Garden and pathways

Do not leave sharp tools lying around. Keep them safely locked away and out of reach.

Make sure your garden is secure by keeping fences, walls and gates in good repair to ensure children don't get out onto busy roads.

Swings and climbing frames should be securely fixed and well maintained.

BBQs can be a major fire hazard. Never leave them unattended when children are around. Lit BBQs give off carbon monoxide so BBQs should never be used indoors.

Keep paths and steps clean and well maintained.

Use a shed to lock away dangerous chemicals like weed killers, sharp tools and electrical equipment when not in use. Store all chemicals in the original containers and never in cups or soft drinks bottles.

Cover ponds and empty paddling pools immediately after use.

Unplug electrical equipment when not in use. Never use in the wet and keep in good repair. Fitting an RCD (residual current device) could save a life

Always keep an eye on children when playing with animals. Make sure animals are kept under control.

Make sure you know if any of the plants in your garden are poisonous and keep them out of reach of young children.


Ensure all sharp kitchen implements are kept out of reach and sight at all times.

Ensure all potentially dangerous liquids, such as bleach and detergents are kept out of reach - preferably in a locked container / cupboard.

When cooking keep pans out of reach of young children.

Fit short or curly leads to kettles, coffee makers, deep fat fryers and similar items.

Keep hot drinks out of reach at all times.

Use place mats rather than table cloths to help prevent hot drinks and food being pulled onto young children and toddlers.

Look at having a fire blanket available and know what to do in the event of a chip pan fire.

Hallway and staircases

If toddlers are in the house you should have stair gates fitted in the right place and of the correct type

Keep hallways and staircases free from clutter such as toys and clothes.


Ensure your child's night wear is fully flame retardant.

Ensure accessible windows are fitted with safety locks. Safety restrictors should not be removed unless for cleaning.

Bunk beds should only be used by children over six.


Ensure medicines are kept out of reach of children preferably in a locked bathroom cabinet.

Keep pills in containers with child resistant tops. Do not transfer pills into unmarked bottles.

Cosmetics should not be accessible.

The thermostat on your hot water system or immersion heater should not bet set higher than 54 degrees centigrade.

Young children should not be left alone in the bathroom.

Use a bath mat if the bath is not slip resistant.