Insurance for council tenants

Insuring your home, making a claim.

Insuring your home

As a council tenant, your furniture and personal belongings are not automatically insured against theft or damage. This means if, for example, there's a fire in your home, you cannot claim against your insurance and get money towards replacing your damaged or destroyed possessions.

To insure the contents of your home, you can use any insurance company you choose.

However, if you live on a large estate it can be hard to get contents insurance. To help, we have a special household contents insurance scheme for all our tenants and leaseholders (not just those living on estates). The scheme is run by the RSA Insurance Group and is only available to Haringey Council tenants or leaseholders. 

If you wish to apply for home contents insurance through RSA Insurance, please complete the application form in the home contents insurance booklet: 

For a summary of what the policy contains and what is covered, please see the product information document .

For general enquiries about the RSA Insurance scheme please visit the RSA website.

Making an insurance claim against Haringey Council

If you believe we've caused damage to your contents and/or personal belongings, you can make an insurance claim against us. Contact us for an insurance claim form.

Our team investigate insurance claims for residents who believe the cause of damage and negligence is due to Haringey Council. They'll contact you directly if they need more information.

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