Homelessness prevention support

Floating support services, older people's services, women's services, LGBTQ+ services, specialist organisations.

Floating support services are free, confidential, and work to achieve outcomes that help residents to either prevent or respond to a range of issues that might lead to housing difficulties, such as eviction or homelessness, unemployment or hospitalisation.

You may approach these services directly to access help and support.

Our services work alongside you to achieve your version of a ‘good life’ whilst maintaining or maximising your independence.

Floating support services can help with:

  • housing and homelessness – finding a suitable property, moving in, maintaining the tenancy
  • money, benefits, debts and rent arrears – applying for benefits, setting up utility bills, conducting financial reviews
  • health and wellbeing – physical health, mental health, sexual health, substance and alcohol needs
  • employment, education and training – including ESOL and Beam Homeless Social Enterprise which provides end-to-end, personalised support into skilled, secure, well-paid jobs
  • socialising and connecting with your community
  • accessing other support, such as occupational therapy or childcare

How floating support helps

  • A dedicated support worker works with you, visiting you in your home or somewhere else in the community that feels safe
  • Your support worker listens to your needs and issues, and works with you to identify what you want to achieve
  • Together you create a plan to improve your general wellbeing, health, and any other needs you have

Different floating support services help with different needs, and they are available to anyone who lives in Haringey.

Please find below information for each specialist service.

For single adults and couples without children

For families

For mental health support needs

Older people and disabled adults services

Housing-related support for older residents and disabled adults in Haringey.

Public Voice – reach and connect service

Bridge Renewal Trust – home from hospital service

Supported housing for older people

Visit the supported housing for older people page

Connected Care Service (previously Community Alarms)

Provides expert advice and support for digital assistive technology, along with a 24-hour monitoring and responding service.

Digital assistive technology can transform your life, by fitting in with your needs, lifestyle, and other elements of your care.

Assistive technology includes electronic equipment and adaptations to your home. These can help you to stay independent and safe, support you with your daily living tasks, and provide peace of mind for you and your family and carer(s).

The service is available to people of all ages who feel vulnerable, unsafe or need support in their home or their community.

This can include people who are:

  • older
  • physically disabled
  • sensory disabled
  • learning disabled
  • patients who have recently left hospital
  • anyone who needs support to live independently and safely

Please contact them for an assessment or to discuss your personal situation on: 0208 489 2365

They do not provide:

  • personal care or help with washing or dressing
  • help with preparing meals, shopping, or cooking on a daily basis
  • childcare
  • healthcare
  • specialist counselling

Women’s services

Solace Women's Aid

Solace Women's Aid provides free and confidential advice, support and advocacy to women and girls (cis and transgender) over the age of 16 affected by domestic and sexual violence.


The Nia Project provides free and confidential advice, support and advocacy for young women and girls (cis women only), over the age of 11 who are affected by domestic and sexual violence.

Imece Women’s Centre

Imece Women’s Centre provides free and confidential advice, support and advocacy for Black, Asian, and minoritised women and girls (cis and transgender) over the age of 16 affected by domestic and sexual violence.


Hearthstone provides emotional and practical support for anyone experiencing domestic abuse in Haringey. The support package we offer includes Housing advice including access to refuge accommodation.

WOOSH (Women-Only One-Stop Hub)

Safe space for all women, including cis and trans women, at Mulberry Junction in Tottenham, N15 4BN, every Thursday afternoon.

LGBTQ+ services


Galop provides free and confidential advice, support and advocacy for LGBTQ+ people experiencing harm and abuse, focusing on their needs, safety, and recovery.

LGBTQ+ support and accommodation services for Young People and Adults

  • LGBTQ+ domestic abuse advocates provide advocacy and support to LGBTQ+ people experiencing harm and abuse, focusing on their needs, safety, and recovery.

Specialist floating support services

Haringey Law Centre

Haringey Law Centre provides free, fixed fee and no-win/no-fee independent legal advice and representation in asylum and immigration, debt, housing and welfare benefits law matters.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 11am to 4:30pm (access via telephone)

CARIS Haringey

CARIS Haringey assists homeless families dealing with everyday challenges including evictions, benefits decisions, debt, violence, unemployment, poverty, lack of opportunity and isolation.

  • Phone: 020 8801 3004
  • Address: St. Philip's Church, Philip Lane, London N15 4HJ

Embrace UK

Designed to prevent homelessness in Haringey, it provides advice and support to all disadvantaged groups – including migrants, refugees and asylum seekers – regarding welfare rights, housing benefits and rent-related issues, education, debt and financial assistance through fundraising from utility providers such as British Gas, EDF and N-Power.

  • To make an appointment call: 0208 275 4526 (direct) or 0208 801 9224 (switchboard)
  • Address: Selby Centre, Selby Road, Tottenham, N17 8JL

Embrace UK Community Support Centre

Bikur Cholim

Bikur Cholim provides homelessness prevention information, advice and guidance to residents from the Chareidi Jewish Community.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 9.30am to 5pm, Friday: 10am to 12pm

Haringey Somali Community and Cultural Centre

Haringey Somali Community and Cultrual Centre provides advice predominantly to people from Somali communities, as well as other African communities including Eritrean and other Arabic speaking communities.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm

  • Please call in advance to book an appointment: 020 8885 1307
  • Address: Selby Centre, Selby Rd, Tottenham, London N17 8JL

Kurdish Advice Centre

Kurdish Advice Centre focuses on housing and tenancy issues but includes core general support that helps people move towards independent living. If you need help with translation, making phone calls, writing letters, and completing forms, we can on your behalf on issues regarding benefits, tax credit, universal credit, housing, immigration, consumer credit, debt issues, utility bills and other services for some time to come.

  • Phone: 020 8347 9657
  • Address: Eastfield Road, London N8 7AD

Polish and Eastern European Christian Family Centre

The Polish and Eastern European Christian Family Centre supports people from Poland and Eastern Europe. They offer individual support and help understanding documents and procedures of the English system. They help in matters related to housing and facilitate communication with institutions like the Job Centre, local District Board, Polish Embassy and other organisations.

  • Phone: 07414 962199, 07366 996861 or 07956 574275
  • Address: St. Ignatius Parish, 27 High Road, London N15 6ND

Turkish Cypriot Women’s Project

Turkish Cypriot Women's Project provides housing-related advice and support to Haringey Council residents

Women who have signed up to receive support and advice provisions have the choice of seeing two dedicated workers

Assistance is available for:

  • welfare benefits
  • dealing with rent arrears and evictions
  • multiple debts
  • reporting repairs
  • budgeting and paying bills
  • neighbour disputes
  • daytime activities
  • training and employment
  • accessing services

Contact info:

  • Phone: 020 8340 3300
  • Email: info@tcwp.org.uk
  • Address: 140A Falkland Road, London N8 0NP