Housing related support advice and guidance

Haringey Advice Partnership, Citizens Advice, Connected Communities, Financial Support Team.

Haringey Advice Partnership (HAP)

The Haringey Advice Partnership (HAP) is a project led by Citizens Advice Haringey to ensure that people living in Haringey receive the right kind of information, advice, and guidance when they need it.

The partnership provides free information, advice, and guidance on a range of issues affecting people living in Haringey and a searchable directory to help you find local agencies to meet your need for advice services.

Alongside Citizens Advice Haringey, the two other partners are:

  • Public Voice, which focuses on supporting the older community. They run workshops on matters such as wellbeing, and activities including regular ‘coffee and computers’ sessions where you can learn and develop computer skills.
  • Vibrance, which works with those living with mental ill health, learning disability and autism. They run information stalls enabling access to information, advice and guidance, workshops on subjects including financial capability, mindfulness and Universal Credit, and regular wellbeing sessions.

Our partners give advice on:

They can also help if you are not happy with the service you have received from the Council or a service provider.

Contacting Citizens Advice Haringey

Online drop-in centre

The online drop-in centre is available every Tuesday from 10am - 4pm

This service allows you to speak to someone face-to-face (on-line)

They will try to help you by:

  • advising on how to cope with the rising costs of fuel and food
  • guiding you to the right place to access a service
  • finding a GP
  • making a request for Food Vouchers
  • helping you fill in forms, such as:
    • Blue badge application
    • Freedom Pass application
    • mandatory reconsideration
    • driving licence application

Connected Communities

Connected Communities is designed to improve access to council and voluntary support in Haringey by ensure all Haringey residents get the help and support available to them

They can work with you to:

  • better understand the root causes of your issues
  • support you in finding solutions
  • help with benefits and other financial help
  • employment
  • housing
  • mental health support

Financial support team

The financial support team helps Haringey residents improve their financial situation.

They can help with:

  • setting up a debt payment plan
  • childcare costs
  • unclaimed benefits you may not be aware of
  • introducing you to employment support
  • reducing and managing rent and utility arrears
  • applying for grants and increasing your income
  • managing finances and budgeting
  • ensuring you are paying the right amount of council tax

Skills for Life app

The Haringey Skills for Life app is free to download and contains information, advice and guidance across a range of subjects including Living independently, Housing, Managing Money, and Migrant support. To download: