Housing strategy

Our vision and objectives for housing in Haringey.

In March 2024, the full council adopted a new housing strategy for Haringey. The new housing strategy sets out our vision for housing in Haringey from 2024 to 2029.

The strategy has 4 strategic objectives which are:

  • delivering the new homes Haringey needs
  • improving housing quality and resident services in the social housing sector
  • improving the quality of the private rented sector
  • preventing and alleviating homelessness

Running through each of these objectives are fundamental principles which underpin all areas of this strategy. These are:

  • communication and co-production
  • an active council using all levers and powers at our disposal to tackle the housing crisis.
  • working across the council and in partnership
  • creating and maintaining sustainable and healthy communities
  • responding to the climate emergency

Read the full strategy document