Property demolition

Assessing the fitness of housing, consultation procedure.

We regularly review housing conditions in Haringey. When we do, we may identify properties that are at the end of their useful life or have been abandoned. Many of these houses will be unfit for habitation.

We then have to decide on the best course of action to deal with the properties. This may be by including them in a 'clearance area' and subsequently demolishing them.

Assessment procedure

We carry out regular reviews of housing conditions to identify properties that are unfit or abandoned.

The council must first decide to include properties in principle in clearance areas, based on the estimated levels of unfitness. For the council to decide to do this, a report must be produced and the recommendation agreed by the council's executive committee.

The council must then carry out a detailed internal and external inspection of all the houses it proposes to include in clearance.

Following the survey of the houses, the council will be able to decide whether, in its opinion, the houses are unfit for habitation and whether or not the best way of dealing with the unfit houses is by demolishing them.

Following the decision to include the properties in proposed clearance areas, the council must carry out formal consultation of all owners.

Formal consultation process

The council must consult with everyone who has a legal interest in the unfit properties. These may be owner-occupiers, landlords or financial institutions such as banks and building societies.

An advertisement will be placed in the local press saying that the council intends to include the houses in clearance areas.

The council will also send a formal notice to all interested parties of the unfit houses. They will be invited them to submit any comments they have or make representations to the council. They must do this within 28 days of receiving the notice.

There is also an assessment of the future housing requirements of those who will need to move because of the clearance, so that we can accommodate their housing needs.

Owners of properties that are fit for habitation will not receive a formal notice and their properties will not appear in the press advertisement. They will receive a letter asking them for their comments on the clearance proposal within 28 days as their properties will be included in the compulsory purchase order as 'added lands'.

We will also consult all tenants on the proposal and take their views into account.

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