Buying or selling a leasehold property

Information you will need to buy or sell a leasehold property.

If you are buying or selling a leasehold property in Haringey, we provide the following information to help:

Resale information pack

Before you buy or sell a leasehold property, your solicitor may request information about the property you are buying or selling. If this is the case, we will provide them with a resale information pack, which includes:

  • details about the property, such as the number of bedrooms/number of flats in the block
  • total amounts unpaid for day-to-day service charges, external decorations and major works which must be paid in full on or before completion
  • details of any major works planned in the next 24 months
  • a list of Section 20 notices for major works issued to the leaseholder where invoices have yet to be raised
  • certificates of actual service charges for 3 years and the estimated statement for the current year.

We currently charge £216 (£180 + VAT) for a resale information pack. Please email us to request a pack and an invoice.

The solicitors acting for you and the other party will use the information above to decide who pays for what. They agree these matters between themselves and the landlord (the council) has no involvement. However, please note that all outstanding balances must be paid in full on or before completion.

We advise all buyers and vendors of leasehold properties to obtain this information pack.

Right of first refusal – selling back to Haringey Council

Leaseholders and freeholders who purchased their property through Right to Buy, and who wish to sell their property within the first 10 years of that initial sale, have a legal obligation to offer Haringey Council the opportunity to buy their property back at market value. This is called the right of first refusal.

If you are thinking of selling your property and think you may be subject to the right of first refusal, please fill in our enquiry form to request further details:


When remortgaging a leasehold property, the financial institution you have requested a remortgage from may ask you to provide:

  • confirmation of the balance of your service charge account
  • a copy of the building's insurance schedule

We currently charge £36 (£30 + VAT) to provide this information.

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