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Previous Windrush events

Haringey celebrates Windrush Day on 22 June each year, with events held on and around this date across the borough – highlighting the significant contribution the Windrush Generation and their descendants have made, and continue to make, to our borough and British life beyond. 

Windrush Day 2023 was particularly significant as it marked the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush at Tilbury Docks, and we celebrated with a special programme of activities across Haringey to celebrate this important milestone.

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Previous Windrush events

Windrush 2024 events

Children's craft: Tropical pineapple, Caribbean sunset, Caribbean food, Empire Windrush ship-making

Events: Windrush celebration at Broadwater Farm, Blockorama Steel Pan Festival, Tottenham Green Market Windrush Celebration, Power of arrivals; the making of our neighbourhoods, Block Party: BGAC marks Windrush, Celebrate Windrush Day, Community garden party celebrating Windrush

Exhibitions: Windrush Exhibition at Collage Arts,  Windrush classic cars show, Windrush Waves community exhibition

Films: The Barrel Children

Literature: Reading group - Windrush day special

Performances: Jamaica Love, Windrush Secret

Storytimes: Windrush Day, Storytime with local author Bimbola Olawanle

Walks: The Black History of West Green Road

Workshops: Sew your lineage, How Does Althea's Garden Grow?

Windrush 2023 events

Literature: Black Youths and Schooling in Britain, Windrush Reading Group (+55), Caribbean Women's Migration

Events: Reminiscence Café: Handmade Working with Textiles, Windrush 75 - Celebrations at Bernie Grant Arts Centre, 'Past, Present, Future' Windrush 75 celebration event, Cuba Is Here, Our Caribbean Corner in Tottenham - Community and Cultural Day, Pan Nation Blockorama, Film and community pub quiz @ The Antwerp, Storytelling Project Launch - Windrush Wonder Stories, ‘The Way We Were’ taking you back down memory lane, Windrush 75 Block Party, Windrush Celebration 2023, Windrush Celebration at the Hub, Windrush Heritage family fun day

Exhibition: Elsa James 'Ode to David Lammy MP'

Films: Small Island, Windrush Documentary 'Arrival', Playing Away, Sitting in Limbo, The Harder They Come

Performances: Windrush 75 Celebration Concert: Pegasus Opera

Storytimes: Coming to England, Carnival headdress

Talks: At Home with The McKenzies - An Evening in Conversation

Windrush 2022 events

Events: For the Love Of…. Textiles: The Makers’ Fair @ The Castle, Service of Thanksgiving for the Windrush Generation, Reminiscence Café @ The Castle - The Windrush Playlist, Windrush Day Celebration, Windrush Discussion and Tea Party, Windrush Festival Day at Bernie Grant Arts Centre, How Does Althea’s Garden Grow?

Exhibition: The Windrush Collection

Films:  Haringey Libraries and Windrush - short film, Sapphire, Small Island

Literature: The Story of the Windrush - Family Workshop, Meet the Author: Twenty-Eight Pounds Ten Shillings, a Windrush story by Tony Fairweather

Storytimes: Coming to England, Windrush HMT Ship

Talks: The Windrush Legacies with Sheba Monstserrat, Curator’s Pick: with Ruth Hutchinson

Walks: West Green Road Legacy

Workshops: Windrush Educational Poetry

Windrush 2021 events

Events: The Bernie Grant Arts Centre 2021 Windrush Festival, Bernie Grant Windrush Festival Opening - Inside Out London, Celebrating Windrush Day with Haringey Learning Partnership, Windrush Event at T on the Green

Exhibitions: We Have Always Been Here 

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