Stanhope Road bridge project

Plans to rebuild the bridge at Stanhope Road.

Update March 2022

Planning permission has been given to demolish and rebuild the bridge at Stanhope Road. 

This was discussed on 3 March 2022 at the Environment and Community Safety Scrutiny Panel meeting.

Visit our meeting minutes website and read item 137 for details.


Stanhope Road bridge is one of 10 bridges in Haringey that forms part of Parkland Walk. Each bridge is inspected and during these inspections some of the bridges were highlighted for repair. One of these bridges is Stanhope Road bridge.

We secured funding to do the repairs. Initial feasibility work found that it did not make economic sense to repair Stanhope Road bridge and provide the 120-year life-span needed.

We have asked a company called WSP to develop designs for the replacement of Stanhope Road bridge.