Granville Road Spinney

Granville Road Spinney (a small wood) is 0.3 hectares. It has a mown grass area ideal for picnics and sunbathing in summer.

Plants, trees and animals 

Grenville Spinney has a small meadow with long grass and flowers.

The central woodland is covered with daffodils and violets in spring and has wild plum, hazel and sycamore trees.

There’s a small boggy area where you’ll find yellow iris and meadowsweet.

Animals like bats and frogs live in the Spinney and you’ll see a wide variety of birds


The land where Granville Road Spinney now sits was farmland until the 1870s. When the railway came to north London, the farmland was built on. 

During World War II, a VI flying bomb destroyed 7 Victorian houses on Granville Road. These were replaced by prefabs that were removed in 1980. After that the area was left as open land. 

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Granville Road
N4 4EJ
United Kingdom

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Open 24 hours a day.


The only entrance and onsite paths are wide enough for wheelchairs, but not fully wheelchair friendly.