Children's Libraries

Spark and inspire your imagination

Your library has lots of crafts and great reads for all ages. From Baby Rhyme Time to the Summer Reading Challenge, there's always something to do in the library and all you have to do is come along!

How to join Haringey libraries
  • borrow books, both physically and digitally!
  • attend our weekly fun rhyme and story times, and messy craft activities for Under 5s
  • take part in fun workshops and reading groups, such as those for Biblio-Buzz and the Summer Reading Challenge
  • use KidSpeak™ for Education to learn a new language
  • meet children’s authors and watch magical events
  • get homework help

Activities for Under 5s

Our hugely popular sessions are safely back! You can search our events and activities using the events search on the events and activities page.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Rhyme Time

Our popular rhyme time and singing sessions are always a good opportunity for your little ones to interact with other children their own age. They feature a mix of traditional nursery rhymes and modern children’s songs, often with plenty of actions and movements to keep you all busy! While most sessions are for all under 5s, some are specifically suited to baby and toddler groups.

Messy Mornings and Craft Fun

We run simple art and craft sessions designed for preschool children. Whether it’s the youngest ones splashing some paint around, or the older ones learning to colour and glue, you are guaranteed to have something to take home and stick on your fridge.

Story Time

The young children love sitting and listening to the stories being read by one of our librarians. Our story time sessions feature selections from the library’s infant picture-book collection. They might also give you some good ideas about the sort of storybooks you will want to borrow and read at home!

Stay and Play

Another opportunity for your youngsters to get to know, and to play with, other children. Our stay and play sessions feature a variety of age-appropriate toys. Soft toys for the little ones, trucks, bricks and activity toys for the older ones.

For older children

KidSpeak™ for Education

Let your children explore a new language with their cartoon 'friend' and his or her playful pet. They'll broaden their horizons as they work their way through fun and engaging activities with KidSpeak™ in a fun, easy-to-use language-learning program for young learners.

Available languages

Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Age-appropriate content

Designed for ages 6 and up, children will learn words and phrases suitable for their age, needs, and interests.

Engaging activities

Combining animations with over 40 interactive activities, puzzles, and songs, each language is hosted by a fun cartoon 'friend' and his or her playful pet, using only the language being taught.

Important skill development

Using the successful immersion approach preferred for young children, they'll learn the alphabet and word recognition, simple sentences, how to use plural and singular, how to distinguish between words that look and sound similar, simple addition and subtraction, how to tell time, number recognition (matching numbers to written words), and correct pronunciation.

Dozens of topics

No matter what they're interested in (clothing, school supplies, sports, travel, weather, and more), your children will be on their way to learning a new language in no time.

Hundreds of words and phrases

Add to your children's seemingly endless vocabulary (and energy!) with over 700 words and expressions per language and 3 levels of difficulty.

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Homework help

Haringey Libraries are the perfect place if you are looking for somewhere to do your homework. We have free Internet access, endless information books, and our friendly staff can help you find the information you need.

Plus if you need to use computers and print your homework we're a great place to visit. You can even print from your own smartphone or laptop!

Please also visit our useful online resources page for learning support for all ages.