Home Library Service

Bringing the world to you

If you have problems getting to a Library, then the Home Library Service is for you. We can deliver a wide range of library materials to your home on an agreed day - returning every 4 weeks to collect any finished items and replace them with new lends.

This service is for Haringey residents who are unable to access the mainstream library service, either temporarily or long-term:

  • Those with limited mobility or who use mobility aids such as a walking frame or wheelchair
  • People who are blind or with a significant sight impairment
  • People who are deaf or with a significant hearing impairment
  • Anyone unable to carry the books they require due to reduced mobility
  • Anyone with mental health problems such as agoraphobia
  • People who have sole-carer responsibilities

We can also provide a rotating collection of reading materials for nurseries, day centres and residential units.

Supporting the Community

The service is entirely free! No delivery fees, overdue charges or borrowing surplus. We are here to support those within our community that need us the most.

More than just books

There is a massive range of materials for delivery, gathered from across our libraries, including:

  • A massive selection of fiction and non-fiction books for all ages and tastes, including large print works and many different languages
  • Audiobooks and music on CD
  • Movies, television shows and documentaries on DVD
  • A selection of jigsaw puzzles

If you know the exact items you would like to borrow, you can search for them on the online libraries catalogue, let our team know your selections and we will reserve them on your behalf.

Or you may prefer to discuss your areas of interest with us, so we can build a selection of items for you to choose from. Not a problem - we are here to help.

Contact us

For further information or to arrange a visit for yourself or someone else, please contact us on the telephone or email provided. Alternatively, fill out our enquiry form below.

Home Library Service
Tel: 020 8489 4560
Email: hls@haringey.gov.uk

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