Parking and moving traffic enforcement

Enforcement time for parking and moving traffic and suggest an enforcement location.

How we enforce parking and moving traffic

Making sure parking and moving traffic rules are followed is called enforcement. 

To do this, we use civil enforcement officers (previously known as parking attendants) and CCTV cameras. 

Enforcement times 

We enforce both moving traffic and parking rules. 

Moving traffic 

We enforce moving traffic rules 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We use attended and unattended CCTV enforcement cameras.  

We enforce bus lane rules during the time each bus lane is in operation, including on bank and public holidays.


We enforce parking rules to 10pm daily. 

Our nighttime enforcement runs from Thursday to Sunday, including bank holidays, until 1am. 

Our civil enforcement officers check a vehicle’s registration to make sure they have a valid permit to park. 

Freedom of Information and Data Protection 

Please see CCTV, freedom of Information and data protection for information about how we use and handle CCTV images. 

Suggestions for enforcement locations 

Contact us if you have any suggestions for locations you think need enforcement.

Contact Customer Services: suggest enforcement location