Demolition notices

Guidance on how to serve a demolition notice.

The Building Act 1984 requires that you tell us in writing of any intended demolition. This applies to any demolition of the whole or part of a building. There are very limited exceptions.

  • it is an offence to start demolition works without giving 6 weeks notice before starting
  • should you start demolition works without notice, you will be liable to prosecution

The written notice must specify:

  • the building being demolished
  • details of the works of demolition
  • the person undertaking the work

In addition:

  1. the occupiers of adjacent buildings have been informed, and compliance with the Party Wall Act has been achieved. See the Party Wall information on GOV.UK
  2. the gas supply for the building has been terminated
  3. the electricity supply for the building has been terminated
  4. the water supply for the building has been terminated
  5. drainage from the building/site will be sealed
  6. how the site will be secured following completion

Anyone who intends to demolish a building or a part of a building, whether the owner or the demolition contractor, must serve the above-mentioned notice on the council's Building Control Department informing of their intentions before demolition work starts.

Demolition may not commence until we have given permission or a period of 6 weeks has elapsed. Please note that there is a charge of £360 (no VAT) to register the intended demolition and an invoice will be issued following receipt of your notification.

Give notice of demolition


The only exceptions for serving a demolition notice for buildings are:

  • the demolition of an internal part of a building if the building continues to be occupied
  • buildings having an external size of less than 50m3 (this volume is less than the size of an average double garage)
  • extensions on a larger building that consists of a domestic greenhouse, conservatory, shed or pre-fabricated garage

Other parties to be notified

The owner or demolition contractor must also provide a copy of the demolition notice to:

  • the owners of any building adjacent to the building to be demolished
  • Cadent Gas
  • UK Power Networks
  • Thames Water
  • London Fire Brigade
  • Health and Safety Executive

What we do

Building control surveyors may visit the site concerned. They will also ensure that the appropriate copies of the notice have been given to any other parties.

When we give approval for the demolition to take place, we will require the owner/contractor to adhere to certain conditions, including:

  • adequate shoring, repair and weatherproofing of adjacent buildings
  • removal of material or rubbish and disconnection, removal or sealing of drainage
  • the disconnection of gas, electricity and water supplies

We will give our approval by serving a counter notice on the person intending to carry out the demolition work, under Section 81 of the Building Act 1984. Failure to provide the appropriate notice may lead to prosecution, leading to a fine upon conviction of £2,500 (Level 4 fine).


Asbestos can be present in any building built or refurbished before the year 2000, and if it is disturbed it's very harmful to health.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 require a demolition survey to be carried out before any demolition takes place. The survey is used to locate and describe all asbestos-containing materials so that they can be removed and disposed of safely before final demolition takes place (see Regulation 7 of the regulations).

Any alteration of a listed building involving part or partial demolition requires formal listed building consent. Unauthorised alteration is illegal and can result in prosecution.

The substantial or complete demolition of a building in a conservation area requires conservation area consent. See the planning application pages for more information.

Further advice about listed buildings and conservation areas can be found on the design and conservation page.

External guidance

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