What happens to your recycling

How your recycling is collected and what happens to it.

Reusing and recycling is the best way you can help look after the environment. 

How recycling is collected

Dry recycling, food and garden waste are collected in separate vehicles or in some cases one vehicle will collect more than one type in separate compartments.

What happens to recycling

All of the items in your bin or sack are recycled as long as they are accepted materials and not spoilt by other waste.

Your recycling is sorted in Edmonton, North London, and then sent for reprocessing, to be turned into something new.

Find out more about where your recycling goes on the North London Waste Authority website.

What happens to non-recyclable waste

Non-recyclable/general waste is sent to an 'energy from waste centre' in Edmonton. It is turned into energy to power homes and businesses in north London. Very little is sent to landfill.

Find out more about what happens to waste we collect on North London Waste Authority website.

What happens to food and garden waste

Organic recycling such as food and garden waste is taken to a composting facility and turned into compost.