Report someone dumping rubbish

Part of: Report dumped rubbish (fly-tipping)

Dumped rubbish dirties our streets and costs taxpayers in Haringey more than £3million a year. The Haringey wall of shame has been set up so you can help us catch those illegally dumping rubbish on our streets.

If you know any of the people in the CCTV on the wall of shame please tell us.

Report now

What we need

If you are reporting dumped rubbish please include as must information and evidence as you can.

Information and evidence

If you see or hear anything, please tell us. Useful things details or evidence to include are:

  • photographs
  • a description of the offender
  • a name
  • an address
  • a description of any vehicles involved such as model, make, colour and registration
  • the direction they came from and left in

Seeing it happen

If you do not have any of the information or evidence you would need to:

  • have witnessed the rubbish being dumped
  • provide a witness statement

If you see someone dumping rubbish, or spot a fly-tip that wasn’t there before, let us know the time and date as soon as possible and we could track them down.

What we do

We will:

  • give fines of up to £400 (we’ve raised this from £80)
  • continue to send our enforcement officers to look through fly-tips for information that could lead to a fine or conviction
  • continue to board off problem areas and fly-tipping hotspots
  • leave a card to let you know if we clear up a fly-tip
  • use crime scene tape to mark off a fly-tip crime
  • use posters to make it clear that dumping rubbish is a crime
  • continue to work with the police to stop rubbish dumping offenders

Contact Veolia (waste team)