Report a child missing school

How to report a child missing school, how to know if a child's missing school, the dangers and reasons children miss school.

If you know of a child you think is not going to school and is not being home educated, please let us know.

It may not just be their education at risk, but also their safety and welfare. That’s why we need your support. 

See our Children Missing Education Policy and Procedure document .

How to report a child missing school 

Report a child missing school now

You can also contact us by phone or email. 

By letting us know, you’re helping the wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable children and young people in our community. Children not going to school miss out on the learning they need to get on in life. 

What happens after letting us know 

We’ll look into the situation and make sure the child starts to get an education. 

How to know if a child is missing school 

Children missing from school include children not: 

  • registered at a school 
  • going to school regularly 
  • being educated at home 

Dangers for children missing school 

Children missing school are more likely to be at risk of: 

  • harm or neglect 
  • being abused or exploited at home 
  • being illegally employed 
  • becoming involved in criminal activity 
  • committing antisocial behaviour 
  • misusing drugs and alcohol 

Reasons children miss school 

The most common reasons can include: 

  • parents or carers not realising the age a child should start primary school or move up to secondary school 
  • not attending school due to bullying, illness or other issues 
  • parents or carers taking their child out of school because of a disagreement 
  • families moving house frequently or becoming homeless 
  • families newly arrived to the UK 
  • no school places being available when a family moves to a new area 
  • families experiencing breakdown and/or domestic abuse 
  • parents or carers deciding to home-school their child but not letting us know [link to home-schooling page] 
  • children caring for a member of the family 
  • children expected to work in the house 

Contact the children missing education team