St Ann's LTN

About St Ann's LTN, why it was introduced, benefits of LTNs.

We introduced the low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) in St Ann's to create a safer, cleaner and quieter neighbourhood as part of our Haringey Streets for People programme.

Most traffic congestion and pollution is caused by motor vehicles that are passing through Haringey. We know this because car ownership in Haringey is low and falling, but there's more traffic on our roads.

The LTN aims to:

  • reduce through-traffic and road danger
  • improve air quality
  • make it safer and easier to walk, wheel, scoot, cycle and shop locally

It will reclaim local streets for the community living there, making them once more welcoming, liveable spaces where people can meet, chat and socialise, and where children can play.


Some vehicles are exempt from the LTN restrictions – for example, emergency vehicles and vehicles registered to Blue Badge holders.

Check who is eligible for an exemption