Tottenham Lane/Ferme Park Road roundabout

Road safety improvement proposals for Tottenham Lane/Ferme Park Road roundabout.

Over the past few years, there have been several accidents due to buses u-turning at the Tottenham Lane/Ferme Park Road roundabout. These incidents are stressful for local residents and businesses, especially those whose properties have been damaged.

Resident consultation

During February and March 2022, we asked residents how safe they thought the Tottenham Lane/Ferme Park Road roundabout was and their ideas for improving it. Out of the people who responded:

  • 80% considered the roundabout dangerous or very dangerous
  • 90% considered the roundabout to be a traffic problem

We held an evening workshop in March 2022 at the Union Church and Community Centre on Western Park Road. The residents who came to the workshop were very clear that improvements needed to be made.

Plans for improvements

In March 2022, we appointed an external traffic consultant, Project Centre Ltd, to develop options to improve road safety and accessibility at the junction.

The ideal solution at this junction would be to replace the roundabout with traffic lights. This can only be done if an alternative turnaround point can be found for the route 91 buses, which would enable the potential signalisation of the junction.

Officers and members lobbied Transport for London (TfL) to find an alternative location for the buses to turn around and were advised that this would not be possible due to funding constraints.

In April 2023, as part of the Heartlands development, we secured funding from the developer to extend the 91 bus route, subject to a public consultation. This would mean that the 91 bus would no longer need to use the roundabout to turn around.

TfL consultation

TfL ran a consultation on plans to make changes to 4 bus routes that serve Wood Green High Road and Turnpike Lane (including the 91 bus).

The consultation closed on 10 December 2023.

You can find out more about the proposed changes to bus routes on the TfL website.

A new signalised crossing – progress so far

All traffic signals in Haringey are managed and maintained by TfL. Our bid to TfL for funding for the proposed signalisation of Tottenham Lane/Ferme Park Road was successful, with £200,000 awarded to improve the junction.

We are currently working closely with TfL to agree on a suitable design to signalise the Tottenham Lane/Ferme Park Road junction, without causing a significant negative impact on the capacity of the junction. This should be finished by September 2024.

A public and statutory consultation will happen in autumn 2024 with the wider community. If there are no major objections during this time, and we get approval from TfL and secure the extra funding needed, the work should start in spring 2025.